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RAS Laffan EPC Mega Civil Project

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Power Generation at Das Island

This project comprises EPC work of Nasr FFD Project, Package 3 (Onshore Das Island Work) and the installation of power generation facility (4-GTG's) at Das Island.

It is an EPC project for the installation of four gas turbine generation packages and auxiliary equipment in Das Island, including a local control building and tie-in works for utilities; electrical and instrumentation tie-ins and modification works in ADMA and ADGAS; substations and control buildings in DAS Island.

The client is Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA - OPCO) and the consultants are Technip (PMC).

The contract was awarded on 24 August 2016.

The project start was 24 August 2016 for a duration of 33 months ending on 24 May 2019.

Works at Palm Jumeirah

The project includes construction of an underground parking area, a beach walkway (wooden deck and granite paving), a water feature, retail, F&B kiosk and parks.

The site area is 87,192m2 and built-up area is 18,070m2.

The client is Nakheel and the consultants are ae7-Associates.

The contract was awarded on 31 August 2016.

The project start will be in October 2016 for a duration of 13 months ending in November 2017.

Pump Station 4.1

This is a plant and design-build contract for pump station 4.1 and associated works, namely, the construction of a break pressure tank (BPT 3E1), a pump station (PS 4.1), two reinforced concrete feeder tanks (FT 4A1 and FT 4B1), controlled discharge to both Mmamashia WTW inlet works and to Bokaa Dam piping and valves to connect new infrastructure to the existing NSC 1 pipeline, and local and regional communication and control functionality.

The client is the Government of Botswana, Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources and the consultants are Bigen Africa Services (Pty) Ltd.

The contract was awarded on 31 August 2016.

The project start is 15 October 2016 for a duration of about two years ending on 30 October 2018.